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  • Fiction: ‘The Broken Wing Butterfly’
    She landed on the daisy as daintily as she could, spreading her wings to keep her balance. The wind was blowing in gusts, which made landing a difficult process, but once her feet had taken hold of the silver petals, she knew she was safely home. Her wings were faded when compared with the others …
  • Fiction: ‘Queen Bee’
    He wasn’t meant to be there. And he knew it. The fence was made of brick put together so smoothly that it was impossible to climb. It rose several metres into the air and encircled the entire property. While there were several signs posted around the perimeter warning against trespassing, he hadn’t found a single …
  • Fiction: ‘Simulation’
    The electric screen reflects in her eyes and douses her face in a bright blue light. Her skin isn’t quite as smooth as it once was. Even her thick chestnut locks are starting to turn thin and grey, changing rapidly, if there was anyone there to witness the transformation…

Now a little about me,
In case you’re curious to see…

I wonder if there’s a word to describe those who love words…

Not just any words, but beautiful combinations of words. Ones that ingrain themselves in the very fibre of your being.

There’s a power in the stories we tell. These are our heritage. The tales we share with each other, pass down to our children and enshrine in our collective memory.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kat, and I’m a storyteller.



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