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  • Fiction: ‘Simulation’
    The electric screen reflects in her eyes and douses her face in a bright blue light. Her skin isn’t quite as smooth as it once was. Even her thick chestnut locks are starting to turn thin and grey, changing rapidly, if there was anyone there to witness the transformation…
  • Fiction: ‘O, That Way Madness Lies’
    Dear Charles, Six months and seventeen days ago, I arrived at the property left to me by my mysterious donor. The house is in reasonable repair, other than a few minor injuries from enduring the elements for so long unattended. The leak in the roof has now been repaired. The broken windows have been replaced …
  • Fiction: ‘Trespasser’
    Trespasser He wakes with a violent jolt. At first he’s not sure he heard anything at all. He sits up in bed, straining to hear, shivering with cold. And then comes the sound of glass shattering and furniture splintering. A crash which shakes the very walls. He throws the blanket aside…

Now a little about me,
In case you’re curious to see…

I wonder if there’s a word to describe those who love words…

Not just any words, but beautiful combinations of words. Ones that ingrain themselves in the very fibre of your being.

There’s a power in the stories we tell. These are our heritage. The tales we share with each other, pass down to our children and enshrine in our collective memory.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kat, and I’m a storyteller.



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