Time and Space

Time and Space

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

~ Albert Einstein


The electric screen reflects in her eyes and douses her face in a bright blue light. Her skin isn’t quite as smooth as it once was. Even her thick chestnut locks are starting to turn thin and grey, changing rapidly, if there was anyone there to witness the transformation… READ MORE


He wakes with a violent jolt.  At first he’s not sure he heard anything at all. He sits up in bed, straining to hear, shivering with cold. And then comes the sound of glass shattering and furniture splintering. A crash which shakes the very walls. He throws the blanket aside, not bothering to dress. On … READ MORE


‘I had the strangest dream last night. The sky had turned to jade, while everything else appeared in shades of turquoise. The people. The streets. The buildings. They only existed in the wavelength of green. One woman with emerald eyes and moss green hair was passing near, but when I stood in her way, hoping … READ MORE

The Physicist

They say that time moves slower for the people down there upon the Earth. But only when compared with those that inhabit the space stations that orbit our planet. For the purpose of this research, I’ll be referring to them as ‘People of the Skies’, and ‘People of the Earth’. They were the opening lines … READ MORE


Something disrupted the dead of the night. It was a rude awakening, jolting every peaceful soul out of their slumber. Even those sleeping in darkened rooms with masks over their eyes awoke with a start, their hearts pounding as if they had woken up to find their nightmares had come to life. At first people … READ MORE

Existence is Futile

Ageing is inescapable. It’s an inevitable part of being alive, and as certain as death. But then again, maybe not. Over a century ago, our leading neuroscientists made a discovery that changed the course of human evolution. They found out that ageing isn’t just a biological process in which our bodies experience a gradual decline … READ MORE

First Law of Thermodynamics

The entire world runs on energy. From the tiniest plant life which photosynthesises sunlight into nutrients, to the nuclear fusion which roils in the heart of our sun. Energy is everywhere. It keeps the Earth in orbit through gravitational forces. It allows us to reach out to one another across an entire planet in the … READ MORE


Three poisonous wells situated three kilometres from each other in a near-perfect triangle. Three lush hills overturned into valleys, the bare earth exposed to the elements. Three towers of acrid smoke rising from the horizon and curling over the rim of the sky. People wonder why so many have fallen sick. That’s why. Those three … READ MORE


Dust. Dust finer than flour. Dust caked in the soles of my boots and in the creases of my suit. Dust coating my visor with a thin layer that makes everything shimmer. Dust in the threads of all the screws holding the panels of the ship together. Dust in the mechanics of the engine. Dust … READ MORE

Time Machine

If you think about it, we are nothing more and nothing less than living, breathing time machines. The past only exists in our minds, rooted down in our collective memories. As a result, we can go back whenever we want. We can travel through time to relive any moment from our past in the blink … READ MORE

Ripple Effect

He sits in the park, slumped against a tree with a half-empty cask of wine in his lap. There’s a cigarette stained with hair gel behind his ear. The warm afternoon sun makes him sleepy. He picks up the wine, brings the plastic nozzle to his lips and guzzles down several mouthfuls. People start to … READ MORE


When I came to, the first thing I saw was a brilliant yellow sky dappled with fleeing birds. They were racing away in flocks that didn’t normally fly together. Wedge-tailed eagles soared alongside sparrows, while snowy cockatoos streaked through the air beside pitch-black crows. There were so many of them; more than I could identify … READ MORE

Time Keeper

He knew his time had come because the clock had stopped. Of course, there were other signs too. You couldn’t miss them, really. The TV set had frozen on an image of some infomercial nightmare; the radio had cut the presenter off midsentence; the sound of lawnmowers, passing cars, and singing crickets had all stopped … READ MORE

Near Death

She never saw the other car coming. The air was thick with fog and practically ablaze with the rising sun. There was a hideous screech as tyres skidded across wet bitumen, and then one split-second passed that felt like a lifetime before the impact hit. Bright orange flickered against shadows. There were sirens and flashing … READ MORE

Here Be Dragons

What if the Earth isn’t at all what we think it is? What if it was something that we couldn’t explain with all our knowledge of physics and planetary geology? On the surface, it’s a wondrous medley of different landscapes. Every mountain and valley formed upon that seemingly rigid surface over inconceivable periods of time … READ MORE


I sail upon a calm blue ocean on a crisp paper boat. The scent of sun-drenched paper brings a drowsiness to the air, mingling with the tang of salt on the breeze. It’s a dreamy sort of day. I place a hand on my forehead, shielding my eyes from the dazzling sun as I peer … READ MORE


A wise man once said that we don’t exist within the universe; we are the universe expressing itself as a living being. We’re as much a part of it as the stars, planets and galaxies. After all, everyone and everything was once made from star dust. Once. But what if some people are made up … READ MORE

“In science fiction we dream.”

~ Ray Bradbury


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