Fiction: ‘Eyes of the Beholder’

Eyes of the Beholder
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I’ve wasted years thinking about them, picturing how they look in as much detail as I can summon, and yet the harder I try the more elusive they become.

I can see them before me, clear and mesmerizing.

Whether my eyes are open or closed, I can still perceive them just beyond my reach, drenched in mystery and full of power. All shades of every possible colour are woven together in this intricate tapestry. I can see each thread of the fabric and how it intertwines with another. Sapphire blue and copper brown are threaded together, forming a dreamcatcher with a black sphere caught at its heart like a captive nightmare.

And then, sometimes, this tapestry is more like the sea after a ferocious storm. The colours ripple in miniature waves. The tide flows in and ebbs away again, turning silvery blue. Slowly, an oily black pool spreads outwards from the water, seeping into the aqua sea until it has left nothing but a crescent around its hungry black depths.

And sometimes this sea looks more like a nebula radiating into the darkness billions of light-years away. Each filament glows like neon. Deep within, stars are coming to life as planets coalesce around them. Stardust scatters in every direction before swirling around a centre of gravity. It branches off into spiral arms. The sea of stars has transformed into a fiery galaxy with a supermassive black hole sleeping within.

And then, quite suddenly, this galaxy changes into a crown of amber petals. Each golden leaf overlaps the next while the deep dark centre grows and wilts under the seasons of each day.

I don’t see the universe in a grain of sand.

Nor eternity in an hour.

Only in your beautiful ever-changing eyes do I find such things.

~ Ekaterina

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