Fiction: ‘Message From a Loved One’

30 - Message From a Loved One
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Your heart has wings.

Just about everyone should know this about themselves, yet so few do. Your heart has the capacity to soar beyond the sky and into the outer reaches of the atmosphere, where the temperatures drop to below freezing and Noctilucent clouds drift across the planet. It can also drop from these heights to the most crushing lows.

Like an injured bird tumbling from the sky.

A fall of such violence will nearly always cause trauma, and it can take a long time for those wings to fully heal, if they ever do. It’s not actually our heart which breaks, but the wings that carry it. Our hearts are far stronger than we realise. They blaze in the darkness like a phoenix reborn into the world in a great burst of fire. In the end, it’s not our scientific endeavours that make human beings so special, nor the paintings we hang in museums, nor the books we catalogue in national libraries.

It’s our resilience.

But sometimes, no matter how hard we strain under the pressure, the burden we carry grows too heavy. We begin to descend under its weight. Our wings flap helplessly as we try to maintain altitude. We plummet to the earth faster and faster, a victim of something as natural and unrelenting as gravity. It would do you well to remember that when our burden becomes too heavy and we’re flying against the wind, the muscles in our wings can only grow stronger.

Our hearts are fierce.

They don’t break like bones and twigs. They don’t shatter like glass or rocks. We are tenacious creatures who have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to sustain mass injury to our stone-aged emotions, and adapt to the brutality we cause each other.

Your heart has wings.

So let it do what it has evolved to do.

Let it soar into space until the Earth has become nothing more than a pale blue dot. Because only by looking at the world from such heights can we discover its true meaning, and experience life in its purest and most natural form.

~ Ekaterina

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